We love what we do

As a company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of all types of cosmetic, personal and home care products.The excellent quality has led us to become one of the most preferred cosmetic companies in the Dominican Republic.Our products demonstrate the effectiveness of their components in each of the areas for which they are made, delivering favorable results.We work under the slogan “Natural Beauty” with which we communicate our commitment: to be complicit in the beauty and health of all those who use our products, generating impressive results.

  • Quality politics

    Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of our clients and consumers through personal and home care products that meet legal, regulatory and quality requirements based on innovation, continuous process improvement, training and education of our people.

    Pursuing excellence with productive, safe and efficient activities, ensuring common well-being, occupational health and environmental safety.

  • Mission

    Provide personal and home care products of the highest and unique quality, expanding our Dominican identity to the global market.

  • Vision

    To be the brand of consumer preference based on quality and innovation.